Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a standard charge for cleanup costs?

We do not have an average cost for this service as it can range widely depending on the damage and the size of the area. We do quote a price once we are on-site and before we start the cleanup.

How do you remove the bats?

We do not hand remove bats from the home. We use a combination of custom one-way valve devices and sealing on the exterior of the house to allow the bats to leave and lock them out from re-entry. Again, we do not hand remove bats; our system is the most effective way to remove all bats from the home and to keep them from coming back.

How long does it take to remove the bats?

The time it takes us to remove bats depends on the size of the home and the areas that need attention to warranty the home — taking anywhere from 1-7 hours, depending on the size and condition of the house. For the bats to leave once the service is complete, you should start seeing results in a couple of weeks and be bat-free in 30 days.

Can you work at night?

Yes, we equip our technicians with plenty of lamps and gear to work at night. Arriving around sundown can be very beneficial for our techs to see the bat activity and to help locate the entry points the bats are using.

Do you charge for mileage?

We do not charge mileage for our services. We charge based on the size, materials, and condition of the structure.

Does insurance cover it?

It all depends on the type of insurance you have and your specific insurance policy. We have seen insurance companies cover nothing, cover some things, and then only cover a full restoration service. We’ve seen the same insurance company cover different things in different states. It all depends on your insurance company and policy. We do typically find that bat removal falls under home maintenance or pest control.

How do you know the price if you haven't seen the house?

Over the years, we have developed a series of questions to determine a solid price point for the home to be bat proofed. These days you can see almost anything on Google, especially in larger cities or homes near main highways. We work with the consumer to cut down on time and reduce the cost for all visits to get a job done most effectively.

How do you tell the difference between bat and mice feces?

The number one way to be sure is to physically handle the feces and look for a shimmer that would indicate insect wings in the feces. Mice tend to drop their feces around the edge of a room while bat droppings are in piles or scattered throughout the room.

How do you get bats out from behind shutters?

Take the shutters off the home. Shutters are an esthetic piece of the house and not necessarily required. So with something like this, we deal with sealing and screening on a home. With doing this to shutters, you ruin the purpose of having them look beautiful and frame the window correctly. Once you remove the shutters you can spray the area to remove any pheromones from the bats and then leave them off for a while and replace shutters in the bat’s off-season of late fall/winter.

Why are bats in my basement?

Bats are typically found in the basement by homeowners when it is in the peak of the summer, the hottest and muggiest time of the year. They are like most animals when it comes to cooling off in the summer– they need a cooler environment and tend to travel through the walls to the basement when their main roosting area becomes too warm.

Are my animals okay?

Your pets should not be in danger from bats that may get loose in the home. If they do come in contact with bats, it is best to get rabies shots or a booster shot if they are up to date. Bats are more scared of your dog or cat than your pets are of them. We have heard countless stories of homeowners whose cats have killed bats in their home.

Can you remove the bats from outside my house?

We can remove a bat from outside a home. However, that bat is most likely to come back to your home in the same spot, especially if it is an adult bat hanging outside. Unfortunately, there is no screening or anything we can do to prevent them from hanging somewhere they feel comfortable. You can do the best you can to keep a bat population down in the area of your home, but, if there are bugs, that is food to bats, and they will find a close-by space to rest.

Are bats in my house if they’re only in my attic or soffit?

YES! By far, this is the most common thing we hear all the time. “Bats aren’t inside my house they are just in my attic.” While your attic and soffit are not part of your living space, they are a part of your house. They are inside your home; they are just not bothering you in your living quarters of the home. Whether the bats are in the attic, soffit, walls, or living space, we can help get the bats out of your home.

I’ve just noticed a bat in my house. Can you come today to get this bat out of my house?

While in some cases we will have someone nearby, our technician’s schedules can fill up fast with bat-proofing appointments. We do not have a 24/7 service technician that strictly performs bat removal all day every day. Unfortunately, we book our technicians by appointment only at this time. We are expanding fast and are hoping to add this feature to our list of services to come!