Attic Clean Up Restoration

We offer attic restoration to all our customers

Not only are The Bat Guys Bat Removal who to call to get rid of bats, we also offer attic restoration for all of our customers.

The truth is many attics and extra garage spaces are where a lot of us store family albums, memory books, and other heirlooms. If you need bat removal from your attic, you will more than likely need some attic restoration as well.

A bat infestation will lead to some unfortunate, but unavoidable results like: bat feces, bat urine, bat droppings in the attic, and many unwanted smells and stains. Removing bat guano from attics, garages, insulation and various other spots isn’t a fun task, but it’s certainly necessary. Bat guano removal is simply a step you have to take to get your home looking like it did before your bat infestation. It’s one of the steps in bat removal and prevention.

While attic restoration is not part of our bats in attic removal cost, for a few dollars more, The Bat Guys Bat Removal team will restore your attic to looking like it did before your bat infestation.

We offer attic restoration to all our customers.  When our technician is finished bat proofing your area, he will inform you if an attic restoration is needed. They will give you a detailed estimate of what exactly needs to be done. It covers bat feces removal, contaminated insulation, urine cleanup, etc.

The droppings of smaller animals, such as rats, mice, squirrels, birds, and bats cannot be efficiently or even realistically removed by hand.  These droppings are usually in the form of thousands of small pellets spread throughout the attic, on or in the insulation, and on many surfaces, such as this ducts or floorboards.  These droppings must be vacuumed out with a filter vacuum.

If the droppings are spread throughout the insulation in high concentration, that insulation should be removed and replaced.

Whether or not you use your attic, garage, or any other space that needs batting cleanup, bat guano removal is worth paying for.