Bat Proofing

Imagine This...

You and your family are eating dinner or watching television. There’s a pause in the conversation and instead of absolute silence, you hear it–a scratching or squeaking coming from your attic, or even worse, from the walls around you!

Don’t scream just yet, but you probably have a bat infestation. That raises a lot of questions that you probably don’t have the answers to: How to deter bats from roosting? How to keep bats out of your attic? How to achieve a bat proof house? No need to worry, The Bat Guys Bat Removal team has the answers for you.

Bats are able to enter your property through holes, cracks, or openings as tiny as a dime. Bats are pests that know no boundaries and will roost in your home or office. While bats tend to mostly roost in the attic of the property, fluctuating weather will cause bats to travel down through walls seeking a better environment.

Bat proofing

So how to make your home a bat proof house? If you’ve seen or heard squeaking or scratching in the walls or from the attic, you have to figure out where the bats are entering your home. Some areas of the house to pay particular attention to include: roof edges, areas where soffit meets roof, fascia boards, loose tiles, vents, chimneys, and any place in the structure where there could be a hole or a gap that a bat could squeeze into. Look for cracks, gaps or holes in your roofing or siding. For complete bat prevention, you then have to seal off any of these areas.

Once you’ve discovered that you need bat removal and prevention, you’ll find many options for bat repellent or ultrasonic high-pitch sound machines that claim they can prevent bats from using an area. Don’t trust these products as almost all of them are fraudulent.

If you want to know how to deter bats, the only answer is by physically preventing them from entering holes, gaps, and cracks in buildings. Anything else is a temporary solution that won’t last.

The Bat Guys Bat Removal professional technicians use custom exclusion devices that we guarantee will provide you with bat removal and prevention. We DO NOT use any chemicals, as that is illegal and harmful to bats. A 10-year warranty is standard with our bat proofing service, or you may purchase a lifetime warranty. The Bat Guys Bat Removal provides services to all residential, commercial, and various other properties: schools, churches, apartments, arenas etc. Give us a call today!