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How long does Bat Removal Take?

So, How long does Bat Removal Take? Bat removal falls under the service sector of jobs. Meaning that it is a determined time frame and can take a different amount of time, based on the structure size and condition. If I asked you how long...

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Are Bats Endangered? Which Species?

That scratching or squeaking your hearing in your walls, oh yes that, you could be looking at a bat colony inhabiting your home. Are these bats endangered? If so, which species? Depending on the area you live determines the species of bats that...

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Do Bats Attack Humans?

Are We Being Attacked? Do bats attack humans? This really is the most common question asked as bat professionals most likely, others include “will bats attack humans?” “will the bats attack my pets?”. The answer to that question can range based...

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