About Us

The Bat Guys Bat Removal

We started as a cleaning company, and other bat removal companies often called us to do guano and urine clean up.

We are a small, family-owned company who provides top of the line service to all of our customers.

No one wants to share their home with any unwanted pests. Having bats invade your home can be an emotional and frustrating situation. The Bat Guys Bat Removal is here to help you take back your home. Contact us today for a free bat removal estimate.

Do you hear scratching, chirping or chittering in your attic or walls? See bats entering or leaving the structure of the building? See piles of feces or guano on your roof or under the eaves? Have you had a bat enter your living space? You most likely have a colony of bats in your home or building. For the safety of everyone in the home, it’s best to get these home invaders removed as soon as possible. Bats can cause structural damage along with several health issues.

Bats are a protected species. They are an asset to the environment. They mostly feed on flying insects like mosquitoes and moths, along with several insects that cause damage to crops. Bats are found in almost every habitat available on Earth. They require a warm habitation to roost and our homes and buildings are the perfect environment for them. Unfortunately too many homes and buildings are being ruined because of this.

There are 45 species of bats in the continental U.S., six of which are on the endangered species list, and are protected by federal and state laws.

Although bats have relatively decent eyesight, most depend on their echolocation (or sonar) system to navigate and capture insects in the dark. By listening to the echoes reflect back to them, they can avoid obstacles no wider than a piece of thread and capture tiny flying insects even in complete darkness.  Most bats are nocturnal and are most active at twilight, while rarely flying during a rainfall as it interferes with their echolocation.