How long does Bat Removal Take?

So, How long does Bat Removal Take?

Bat removal falls under the service sector of jobs. Meaning that it is a determined time frame and can take a different amount of time, based on the structure size and condition. If I asked you how long it’s going to take for you to clean your kitchen? I bet you would say, “I’m not sure it depends on how many dishes I have.” In this scenario, think of the number of dishes in your kitchen sink as how many bat entries are on a home. Say we have no dishwasher and have to do all of it by hand. It’s already going to take longer to do all your smaller utensils and making sure your plates are pristine. This same principle applies to bat removal and how long that can take.

image of bat for how long does bat removal take

Every day is a little different, some days your dishes are in lower supply. Maybe you only ate cereal, so they clean off way easier than dried on spaghetti sauce. The same applies to how long it takes to bat-proof a home. When we deal with bad soffits and facia, it takes a lot longer than a brand-new house with gorgeous aluminum soffits installed. Having more openings the bats can get into can be a huge pain and take a lot longer than most people realize.

When you are going over a whole home that can range in size and material, you must be meticulous. Paying attention to those small dime size holes that would become problem areas is essential. Not all areas we seal are areas the bats are using; we also seal any space they could use in the future. I know it’s crazy, but that’s the hat we wear.

Proper Preparation

When its ninety degrees out you move a little slower doing some lawn work right? Same concept. We make sure our technicians drink plenty of water and take breaks whenever needed. This can add some time to how long your bat removal will take. The key thing to remember with any service is that there are a plethora of factors which affect timing. The same size house could take two different people different times. Even if the same person doing it on different days, maybe one day he had to deal with some hornets as well.

I’ll tell you right now my guys hate hornets. Who doesn’t? I have one technician who carries three cans, oh yeah, three because he had a run-in with a nasty nest of hornets. So naturally, that job ran long because he had to deal with another pest before he could start on the bat proofing of that home.


I feel like there are so many things to compare this to for how one little change in the day can cause the timing on everything else to change as well. Picture this with me; it is your wedding day. Oh yeah were getting serious in this analogy. You get your hair done; you have done all the practices with the different hair stylist like everyone has suggested you do. The big day comes, and your hair stylist is doing your hair making chit chat, and it is going great. They finish, you look in the mirror, and it is nothing like what you wanted and had practiced. One hour of hair is down the drain.

You now must start over because you cannot get married looking like a poodle. Another hour later, and you have your desired product and look fantastic. Now, this might be a dramatic comparison; the same principle applies. When doing bat removal, we have fourteen years now of practice runs, and still, everything can be different on the big day of doing the job.


How long will my bat proofing take? How must time do I have to take off work? There is no answer to this question that makes anyone happy. Have you ever had to wait around for a plumber or even the cable guy? I have, and let me tell you; you really must take the first appointment of the day if you have things around the house to get done. Speaking from a small-town experience where driving 30 miles to a grocery store is common every week, it takes time when you have to go to different places that aren’t all right around your area. How long things take is such a hard thing to determine. While it is easy once you arrive and have all the details of that day as well as anything that could come up previously you can give a better idea.

With my experience, even that can be off a little as when you work; more things can come up that may not be noticed before you start a service. Bat removal is no exception to taking a long time or being a more straightforward home and job and being done in a few hours. Some bats cooperate way better than others; sometimes we do it during the day when they are less active, and sometimes, we run later and can be on a roof until midnight when they might be a little more aggressive and cause more heck.


The best thing about bat-proofing when you don’t have the time is most of our work is on the exterior of the home. Which means lock it up, and we will continue our work on the outside, and you don’t have to worry about leaving your house unlocked. Making it a little easier to plan your day as well as not having to take a day off work for service on your home. It all boils down to the condition of the structure that is the main factor on our timing. Doing a proper job requires suitable materials and a meticulous worker, but having nice soffits is a plus!

Well, folks, I guess the main point of this blog post today is the timing is hard. It is unpredictable and ever-changing, we wish we could control everything, so we know for sure what we should expect. But as we all know as adults that is not how the world works, we have delays, we have people that have a lot of questions, and those people that are okay taking a little extra time. Just know that your home can be bat proofed within a day. Additionally, if you want a specific time of arrival defiantly snag the first appointment of the day!