When to Call Professional Bat Removal | The Bat Guys
When to Call Professional Bat Removal | The Bat Guys

When you have bats in your home, you might wonder why you need to get a professional bat removal company to remove them for you? What does it cost? Where do you look to find a professional bat removal company? There are a few reasons why you should get a professional bat removal company to come in and do the work for you. It’s not so much because you don’t know what you are doing, but more so because professionals are trained and schooled on what to look for and how to do it right, so you don’t end up with a bigger problem.

Reasons to Call Professional Bat Removal

The first reason you want to hire a professional bat removal company is the infestation hazards with bats. The bat droppings (guano) leave a very unpleasant odor as it decomposes in your attic, walls or anywhere else they may be hanging out. Also, when you have droppings, the odor alone will attract insects and or even spiders, which, if left untreated, can and will lead to another infestation throughout your home. As bat droppings dry, they start to hold spores of a fungus that can cause horrible health issues to humans if left untreated. If the dry droppings become moved or smashed, then the spores end up in the air, and you do not want to breathe it in as it can cause major health issues for you.

Bats & Rabies

Another reason to call a professional bat removal company is that next to raccoons, bats have the highest ratings for rabies exposure threat to humans and pets. Not only can you get rabies from them biting you, but you can also get it from their urine, guano, and so on. Professional bat removal companies know what to look for when they come to your home. First, they are looking to see how big of a bat issue they are dealing with. Are we dealing with a colony or just a few bats? They are also looking to see what kind of clean-up might need to happen, a large one or a small one to take care of the issue you are having.  They also know how to remove a bat from your home without harming the bat in any way. With bats being a protected species, they need to be handled properly. Yes, as we talked about earlier, they have rabies, so they also know how to avoid getting rabies when handling them.

Installing Bat Houses

When it comes to professional bat proofing, experts may suggest you put up some bat houses on your property to help keep them from coming into your home. Pros will know where to put up bat houses, and they will show you how far up a tree or pole it would need to be for the bats. Just remember you want to have your home professionally bat proofed to use your bat houses instead of your home. You do not want bat houses next to your home because you want bats to stay away from your house. So make sure that a bat house is so many feet away from your home. A professional bat removal company will know where to put the bat house.

Permanent Solutions

Can you get rid of bats permanently? That is a question that gets asked a lot. And the answer is yes. You can. You need to have a professional bat removal company come in and do the work for you so that your home will get closed up the way it should be. Will bats keep coming back to try and get in? Yes, they will because they know they could get into your home once, so will it take some time before they figure out that they can no longer get into your home? As long as you had a company come in and do the work correctly, you will see a decrease in activity once they get your house closed up. You will notice that you don’t hear noises anymore in a few days to two weeks, and you don’t see bats anymore.

Cost of Professional Bat Removal

How much does it cost to have your home professionally bat-proofed? Well, that depends on which company you hire. An important consideration when you hire a company is how long the warranty they offer is. If there is no warranty or just for one year, you might want to rethink your options. The company may not be sealing everything up as tight as they say they will, and that could be why they only give a one-year or a no warranty. Also, you want to make sure that they know what they are doing and what to look for. Many bat removal companies don’t really know how to get bats permanently removed from your home. You might end up wasting money and end up having more bats in your home than when you started if your home is not sealed up correctly.

You want to have a professional bat removal company come out and do the work for you due to the bats being a protected species. Bats can not just be picked up and tossed outside; they must be handled correctly, so they don’t become stressed or even die. Because bats are a protected species, some laws must be followed not to lose bats for good to our ecosystem. One other reason you want to have a professional bat removal company remove bats from your home is that you can end up having bats trapped in your home with no way out if it is not done correctly. If that happens, the bats will die due to not having access to food or water. A bat can only go three days without food or water. The last thing you want is an attic full of bats that have nowhere to go to get out.

So when it comes to wanting to get your home bat-proofed, make sure you do your homework and get the right company to do the work right the first time. You don’t want to spend more money and end up with more headaches than you want. Or even worse, end up with other things going wrong in your home due to the bats taking over your home. It does not take long for bats to take over your home and end up with a whole colony due to not getting rid of the bat permanently and properly by a professional bat removal company. The best way to know if you are talking with a professional bat removal company or not, make sure you ask questions; if they can’t answer them, they most likely don’t know what they are doing and just want your money. What you want is to hire a company that knows what they’re doing, get it right the first time, and stand behind their work.