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Bat Removal Methods | How to Get Bats Out of Your House

When most people see a bat in their home or attic, their first inclination is to figure out how to get them out. Over the years, many people have adopted many ways in which they think they can get bats out of their home or attic– some of these are good bat removal methods, and some only keep bats out temporarily. From mothballs to ultrasonic devices, we’ll breakdown the best ways to truly get bats out of your house.

Ultrasonic Devices to Remove Bats

Ultrasonic devices are one of the most common methods people use to try to get bats out of their homes. Bats two primary senses are their hearing and their sense of smell. These ultrasonic devices use sound waves and different frequencies to make bats uncomfortable. When these devices are first installed, they can work pretty well in some situations. Homes with small attic spaces tend to see better results from these devices than larger homes. This is because when you place these devices in smaller homes, bats don’t have anywhere to go to escape the noise frequency being emitted from the device. When you place these devices in homes that have larger attics, bats tend to just move to an area of the attic that is far enough away that the sound frequency isn’t as strong and doesn’t bother them as much. So in most scenarios, bats typically don’t leave when it comes to these sound devices.

Are Mothballs a Good Solution?

Mothballs are another solution that sometimes works but not all of the time. When mothballs do work and get bats to leave, it is usually only temporary and bats end up coming back after the mothballs get old. The reason bats don’t like and can’t be around mothballs is because they are very sensitive to the chemicals that is placed inside mothballs. Those chemicals are naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene. These are solid chemicals that when are stored at room temperature, turn themselves into fumes. And the fumes are what bats do not like to be around.

But as stated, when mothballs are exposed to a temperature that is significantly higher or lower than room temperature these become less and less effective. These are basically useless in that case because when they are not releasing that chemical they don’t cause any discomfort or encourage the bats to leave the current situation they are in. So there is a very small window of weather each year where these are most effective.

Can Certain Smells be Used as a Bat Removal Method?

Some people like to try methods that consist of spraying smells or substances that humans like to consider smelly. Not only will these smells either fade or become rotten over time, but the only thing this will do is also possibly make the smell even worse or make the mess worse for the people trying to get the bats out. Some smells could even possibly cause the bats to come back or to stay. Bats happily live in caves where there are all kinds of smells and odd objects living in there with the bats, so adding smells or substances tends to not work due to bats being used to that type of environment.

Bat Removal Experts Get the Job Done

Most people try to use some of the methods talked about above to get rid of bats when they first find out that they have them. And most people come to find out and that most do-it-yourself methods don’t work 100% of the time. So what is the best method for bat removal?  To get the best results and the best odds of bats not returning– calling professional bat removers is the best way to remove bats from your home. What does this entail? The pros will seal up of every single area of your home that a bat can fit itself into.

If you want to imagine the space a bat needs to be able to fit into a whole or area– just imagine the size of a dime. Bats have very little bone structure, which allows them to be able to bend and squeeze their bodies into extremely small areas that other animals their size cant fit in to. Once everything is sealed up in the areas where bats are coming in and out of the home, the best method is to have a one-way exclusion device that allows the bats to get out but not get back in. Once this process is complete; if done properly, the home will be fully bat proofed. Hiring a bat-removal expert is the best long-term solution to the problem of having bats in your attic.



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